Himalayan Bike Traverse Expedition


The journey in many ways is the goal itself and thus each part of the route must provide real adventure - challenges to drag me out of my comfort zone, terrain of great variety and also extremes, and exposure to a wealth of ancient high mountain culture. It is based on these criteria that I have charted a route from the easternmost point of the Himalayas, the Namcha Barwa in the bend of the river Brahmaputra to the westernmost point, the ruthless and majestic Nanga Parbat in the bend of the river Indus. It is that great expanse of land between these two geographical points on the globe that comprise the world’s highest mountain range: The Himalayas.
5000 km

Distance to be covered (over 3100 mi)

150,000 meters

Approximate elevation gain (495,000 feet / 93.75 miles)

Two 6000+ metre, twenty-nine 5000+ metre

Highest passes

Route Passes Through 5 Countries

China, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan

Ten 8000 metre peaks

will be closely visible